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Meet Captain Sloan Smith and Salty Jig Charters

Looking for an unforgettable fishing experience in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida? Look no further than Salty Jig Charters and its captain extraordinaire, Sloan Smith. Captain Sloan owns and operates the fishing charter company Salty Jig Charters.

Since his early childhood, Captain Sloan has been diligently preparing for his career as a charter captain, instilled with a deep love for fishing by his father, who introduced him to the waters at the tender age of 3. With each subsequent trip, his passion for the sport flourished, becoming an integral part of his life's journey. Today, Captain Sloan finds himself at the helm of his boat, where he takes immense delight in guiding people on thrilling fishing expeditions, channeling his unwavering dedication to assisting them in landing prized fish while ensuring an atmosphere of pure enjoyment. The sheer joy he experiences from being out on the water, witnessing the excitement on his guests' faces, fuels his unwavering commitment to providing memorable and fulfilling fishing experiences for all who embark on an adventure with him.

Captain Sloan's exceptional expertise lies in his mastery of throwing cast nets for live bait and employing the highly effective fishing technique of using menhaden. With years of experience under his belt, he has honed his skills in capturing live bait, skillfully deploying his cast net to ensure a plentiful supply of baitfish for his fishing trips. The art of fishing with menhaden is where Captain Sloan truly shines, as he harnesses the irresistible allure of these baitfish, presenting them in a manner that entices a wide variety of game fish. His in-depth knowledge of local waters, combined with his understanding of fish behavior, allows him to strategically position the live bait to maximize the chances of landing remarkable catches.

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Step aboard the 20' Cape Horn, a meticulously restored center console boat that combines timeless craftsmanship with modern amenities. Originally built in 1994 and refurbished in 2020, this vessel boasts a powerful 200HP Yamaha engine, propelling you through the waters at a thrilling maximum cruising speed of 35 knots. With a spacious design, the boat comfortably accommodates up to four guests, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable fishing experience with Salty Jig Charters.

At Salty Jig Charters, we promise an unforgettable day on the water that will leave you longing for more or reluctant to ever depart!

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